Stripping the Beast - Part Deux

07 Oct 2007    racing

Work continued this past week on stripping the rest of the interior of the car. Started with the sound defeaning pads in the trunk most of which I managed to freeze with the help of dry ice and then took a hammer to it for a clean and effective removal strategy. Unfortunately, this approach didn’t work as well as I would have liked it to for the interior pads. So I bought myself a heat gun as suggested by some of the fellow racers and went at it. Several minutes of gluey nirvana later I decided to stop the process and continue it later in an open aired environment. Mike you were right about the buzz.

Unwilling to call it quits so soon, I diverted my focus on fun things such as removing the steering wheel and dash so that I could get to the rat’s nest (wiring harness) below. I am quite sick and tired of unwanted components and wanted to start working on removing them from the car. Among the first things to get ripped out was the Viper alarm system which was no longer operational since the last stripping effort.  This also forced me to learn how to solder when I realized that the alarm system had its wires deeply entangled with the OEM harness. The unwanted A/C tubes were next in line to be removed. As Sunday evening approached I decided to finally call it a quit and promised to start again early next week with a clean up of around the heater core and removing the A/C subsystem from the car. If time permits I will start digging into identifying and removing unwanted wires from the several harnesses inside the car.

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