Look Ma! Its an E30 325i!

19 Jun 2007    racing

After what seems like an eternity, I have finally found what I am looking for! Its a beautiful red 1989 325i that has been babied by the previous three owners. As arranged, the cute little beast was parked in the middle of the Macy’s parking lot and it clearly stood out from the rest of the pack. As I drove towards it, the smile on my face couldn’t be lifted for any sum of money and right then and there I knew that this is it.

After a thorough look-over by my friend Mike, we confirmed what we already knew. Very well taken care of E30 325i. Sure the engine needed a bit of work, brakes needed some attention and the windshield replaced but when you get a rust free body, new transmission and clutch, new tires, and an interior that will leave you second guessing if this car was really manufactured in 1988, the bad points melt away like butter. Surprisingly the engine was responsive despite having low compression issues.

Zipping through the price discussion, cash trading hands for the title, the usual handshakes and we have ourselves a beautiful 325i ready to be converted into a race car. Here’s a teaser of the Red Best:

CarBuild-002 CarBuild-001 CarBuild-003 CarBuild-004