First of Many Parts Roll In

02 Oct 2007    racing

After much careful thought, the matter has finally been settled. I am jumping head first into a sport that will undoubtedly be the most thrilling aspect of my  life as well as the single most expensive activity that I have ever participated in. If you have been reading along, then you would probably like to know that I have decided to not rebuild the engine but instead spend the extra money on buying a better suspension and safety gear. Cause and effect of listening to Scott H’s stories.

So this past Sunday during one of the local races, I signed a big fat check over to Carlo (TC Motorsports) who is helping me out with ordering all the suspension and steering components. Among other things ordered was a 3.73 LSD from eBay to replace the stock 3.73 open differential currently in the car. I am guessing I will need to switch to 4.10 in a couple years, but hey, I managed to get the 3.73 at a really good price. Also jumped on a really good deal at Edge Racingand ordered four Enkei RPF-1 15×7 wheels and Falken/Ziex Ze 912 tires to wrap them in.

Don’t worry, I won’t keep you hanging for juicy pictures. Here are a few shots of the LSD which the FedEx man just dropped off. Drool on!

CarBuild-013 CarBuild-014 CarBuild-015 CarBuild-016